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FPGA-based Hardware Accelerators in Cloud Computing


Cloud computing has been gaining tremendous attention in the domain of information technology since 2007. The goal of this project is to add an FPGA-based hardware accelerator to a cloud infrastructure to obtain apparent speedup for executing computationally-intensive algorithms. Project contributions are the following:

  • Configurable FPGA architecture allows acceleration on different high level language code segments without using high level synthesis tools and FPGA reconfiguration.

  • Adaptation of Xen virtual machine monitor (VMM) to build a paravirtualized environment on a x86 server that supports execution of functions on FPGA accelerators.

  • Current Status

    Preliminary results of the project were presented in our CODES+ISSS'13 conference paper:
    pvFPGA: Accessing an FPGA based Hardware Accelerator in a Paravirtualized Environment [pdf]

    Josip Popovic and Wei Wang
    Professors Involved in the Project
    Miodrag Bolic