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Protential Projects

Please note that there is no funding for these projects yet.
  1. Research Into Performance Counter Use at Runtime
  2. Synopsis:The student will provide a cursory research report surrounding the availability and use of performance counters in a variety of systems spanning the embedded market to HPCs. For example, some systems provide performance counters for cache hits, page thrashing or thread dissemination. You should explain what sort of information is available, how it is being used and propose new ideas for how this information can be used at runtime. A portion of your directed study should involve a demonstration of existing research which utilizes performance counter data at runtime for profiling purposes. Any activities involved in debugging should not be included. Be sure to cover ARM as one of your examined platforms.

  3. Parallelization on supercomputers using OpenAcc
  4. Recently, computational power of supercomputers has increased by including multiple GraphicalProcessing Units (GPU). OpenAcc is a new directive-based programming model that has been developedfor programming heterogeneous architectures that include multiprocessors and GPUs. It allows existinghigh performance computing software to be ported to run on the heterogeneous platforms with modestchanges in the original code. Besides addressing portability issues, OpenAcc reduces the design effortsand allows HPC researchers to focus on algorithm development and not on lower-level programming.

  5. Parallelization on signal processing algorithms on BEECube platform
  6. BEEcube is a computer hardware and software firm that specializes in configurable technology applied to the most demanding computing applicationshttp://beecube.com/. The project will involve implementation of complex signal processing and optimization algorithms on BEEcube platform.